5 Effective Ways to Have a Better Work Life Balance

Make home a work free zone
Once you have left work, make sure that you are not bringing it home. Don’t bring mountains of paperwork home. If you are on a work phone call, finish it before you walk in the house.

Making home a work free zone may be a little bit more difficult if you work from home, but can still be done. Set up a workspace that will be the only spot in the house that you do your work. Set a time for your working day to end and then don’t do anything work related until the next day.

Speak to your boss about your workload
If you are feeling as though you won’t be able to meet deadlines if you can’t bring your work home, set up a meeting to discuss your workload with your boss. Make sure you go into this discussion prepared. Knowing what the most taxing part of your workload is, how much over time you do and options for you to better share your workload or outsource will help your boss to create a clear and effective plan with you to reduce your workload.

Prioritise your partner/ family
Prioritising your partner/ family doesn’t mean you have to make extravagant gestures. Simply taking a little bit of time to ask them how they are and how their day was is often an excellent way to make them feel like a priority. When you do this, make sure that you are giving them your full and undivided attention. A great time to do this is during dinner. Eat dinner at the dinner table with no phones, no t.v. on and no other distractions. If you hear your phone ringing or getting messages, leave it and respond to it after finishing dinner.

Take care of yourself
Make sure that you are taking care of yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. We often say that we don’t have time to do this when in fact it is that we do not make our health a priority.

Try to exercise daily, and remember that it doesn’t always have to be strenuous, fast paced activity; a short walk is still a great option.

Make sure that you are drinking plenty of water, eating plenty of fruit, vegetables and whole grains, and that you are eating enough to fuel your body and brain so it can perform at its best.

Ensure that you get enough quality sleep each night (8- 9 hours for adults) as this is the time your body spends repairing itself and your mind.

Do something that you enjoy or find relaxing like reading a chapter of a book, taking a warm bath or listening to your favourite music.

Take short breaks throughout your workday
If you have a job where you are seated at a desk all day, make sure you are taking a short break around every hour. Take a couple of minutes to stretch out your shoulders, back, arms and legs. Go and make yourself a cup of tea, have a snack or go to the bathroom.

If you have a more physically demanding job, remember to stop for a short break every hour. Take a couple of minutes to have a seat, have a drink of water, a small snack to re-energise.